The C.R.E.W is a non-profit youth employment organization program serving the Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. Grant funding and private donations allow them to accomplish trail construction and maintenance, evasive plant removal, fuel break construction and maintenance, stream restoration and weed abatement.  Their main focus is to provide leadership, job training, paid employment and community service opportunities to local youths aged 14-21.  The CREW promotes a team concept in a wilderness environment.  Supervised teams of 5-10 members work an area to identify fuels types and proficiency in hand and power tools use while constructing trails and fuel breaks for fire protection.  Their assignments are generated from the following local agencies:

  • Ojai Land Conservancy
  • Conejo Open Space Agency
  • Ventura County Fire Department
  • California State Fish and Game
  • U.S. Forest Service

Work Programs

Recreational Trail Maintenance
Maintain improve and reconstruct Forest Service trails, as well as private trails.

Fire Prevention Service
Building and construction of sited fuel breaks for both parks and recreation as well as for residential Low-Income and Disabled Seniors.

Habitat Restoration
Siltation, erosion control, trail restoration, evasive plant removal and re-planting of trees and native vegetation


The organization accepts all applicants with a required minimum age of 14 years.
Must contact organization to fill out a written application
Must renew application annually unless appointed initially.


  • GPA worthy of work permit (for applicants still in high school)
  • Good health, solid footwear, responsible hard worker.
  • Time commitment
    For members, age 14 through high school graduation
    Saturdays and school break periods, (Spring, Summer, Fall)
    For members, age 18
    Saturdays, school break periods, midweek during the winter season

Pay scale:    Minimum wage up to $15/hr as a CREW supervisor


The C.R.E.W
P.O. Box 1532, Ojai, Ca. 93024
Phone: (805) 649-8847

Michael Vaughan, Field Supervisor