Structural Firefighting

A firefighter performs duties related to public service, both emergent and non-emergent.  Typical assignments will include responding to alarms and assisting in the suppression of structural, chemical, petroleum, vehicle and wildland fires, while utilizing established tactics and strategies to contain and control the incident.

The firefighter will operate and maintain variety of fire apparatus in multiple settings during weekly preventative maintenance, open and closed course driving, multi-company training evolutions and fire-ground pumping.  Firefighters lay water supply lines from hydrants, deploy hand held attack lines from fire engines, place ladders on buildings, perform forcible entry, carry hose and equipment up multiple flights of stairs to access and battle high rise fires, rescue victims and evacuate occupants. They will also perform auto extrication to remove victims from entangled vehicles.

Firefighters are involved in public education, fire inspection and prevention.  They inspect buildings and make recommendations regarding the correction of hazards, educate and interact with the community, familiarize themselves with public establishments to determine pre-fire planning.