Santa Paula Reserve Firefighter

The Santa Paula Reserve Firefighter program is the only well-developed, comprehensive reserve program within Ventura County.  The city of Santa Paula utilizes its reserves to assist in emergency response and is committed to the continued growth and development of their program.

Reserves are assigned the primary firefighter position on the City’s responding fire companies, living and working in an active fire station.  They perform as emergency responders, providing Fire, Rescue and EMS services to the community.  This experience invites tremendous opportunity to develop skills necessary for careers in the fire service.  Dozens of reserve firefighters, who have trained and gained experience with Santa Paula, have been hired as full-time professional firefighters for departments throughout the state.

Reserve Firefighter responsibilities consist of working a minimum of three, 24 hour shifts per month.  They respond to emergencies, perform daily station maintenance, assist with community education programs, assist with business inspections and conduct regular training. 


      • Candidates must possess the following certifications:
      1. Emergency Medical Technician
      2. Healthcare Provider or Professional Rescuer CPR card
      3. Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)
      • Strongly recommended & other desired training:
        Firefighter 1 Academy (strongly recommended)
        A.S. Degree in Fire Science
        Fire Explorer or other fire experience
        Paramedic Certification


      • Applications are always being accepted
      • Hiring takes place 3 -4 times a year, applications are reviewed at that time
      • Qualified applicants will be invited to a structured  oral panel interview
      • Selected applicants will progress to a background investigation and medical screening
      • Potential job offer letters will be mailed to eligible candidates
      • Successful Reserve Recruits will attend a mini-fire academy, conducted by the Santa Paula Fire Department.  Training will review basic firefighter skills, emergency medical response actions and rescue practices.
      • Upon successful completion, Reserves will schedule their 24 hours shifts and serve as the 4th crew member on an engine company, as a Probationary Reserve Firefighter.  Probationary periods extend through 9 shifts (3months).
      • Probationary Reserves must successfully meet the requirements of their development plan and pass a comprehensive final manipulative exam.
      • After 1 year of service, the Reserve Firefighters will be awarded a Firefighter1 certification, approved by the California State Fire Marshal’s Office and a badge ceremony presented by the Santa Paula City Council.


      Santa Paula Fire Department
      970 E. Ventura Street
      Santa Paula, Ca. 93060

      Websites:  or
      Phone: 805-933-4225