Oxnard Fire Explorer

The Oxnard Fire Explorer Post 9244 was founded in October of 1994 and is currently the only Fire Explorer Post within Ventura County.  Its first class graduated in July 1995, advancing 17 fire explorers to ride-a-long status and assigned engine companies.  The Program has a solid reputation of serving as a quality youth group within its community, while training potential firefighters for future employment.

Fire explorers perform a number of tasks to assist Oxnard Firefighters in their daily operations.  Under direct supervision, fire explorers participate in basic fire training, assist responding fire companies on scenes of emergencies with various support activities and provide direct assistance in fire prevention and public education activities.

Successful completion of the Oxnard Fire Explorer Basic Academy will enable the explorer to respond to alarms, load and roll hose, replace spent air bottles, assist with non-hazardous fire ground duties, assist firefighters with medical aid and rescues, perform station and facilities maintenance,  attend monthly meetings and drills and have access to fire related technical manuals for independent study.


  • Submit an Application, available at: http://www.oxnardfire.org/page/9/194
    Listed under “Requirements for Consideration”
  • Pass a written exam, a physical agility and a structured oral interview

California Fire Explorer Academy

  • Website: http://www.cfea.net
  • For existing fire explorers only; Post 9244 is allotted 5 spots each year
  • One week long academy covering fire service topics such as fighting structural fires, flammable liquid fires and wildland fires, and performing vehicle extrication.


To Apply

    • Must be 15 – 21 years old
    • Must be a Ventura County resident, preferably Oxnard City
    • Graduated or attending high school
    • Possess a 2.0 GPA or greater upon the application deadline
    • Have a positive attitude and willingness to learn

    For a Ride-a-Long Certification

    • Successful completion of a 40 hour Basic Fire Exploring Academy
      Pass all written exams with a score of at least 80%
      Pass the written final exam with a score of at least 80%
    • Complete a Physical Abilities Test
    • Demonstrate the ability to identify equipment, then prepare and place into service
    • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the Oxnard Fire Department, using verbal and written communications
    • Demonstrate a working knowledge of Oxnard Fire Department Rules and Regulations
    • Demonstrate a working knowledge of daily fire station routines
    • Perform routine station maintenance
    • Maintain Ride-a-Long certification to ensure eligibility to attend the California Fire Exploring Academy


    Oxnard Fire Department
    Phone: (805) 385-7705
    Email: Chad.carroll@ci.oxnard.ca.us