Ventura City Fire Department

Welcome to our new blog series.  This series will post Sunday mornings and showcase local area fire departments.  We hope to provide fire department specific knowledge which may be used during entry level firefighter interviews.  Here is our first fire department

LOCAL FD SERIES: The Ventura City Fire Department

The City of Ventura is a coastal community within Ventura County, spanning approximately 27 square miles and containing roughly 110,000 residents.  The city has supported its own fire department since 1878.  It is the oldest fire department in the county and one of the oldest in the State of California.  The Ventura City Fire Department serves its community by protecting life, property and the environment through prevention, education and emergency response.

The Department has 6 fire stations housing fire engines, trucks and specialized apparatus.  All companies are staffed with paramedics and cross-trained in numerous other disciplines including Ocean Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue, Hazardous Material Response and Fire Suppression, while performing as a regional responder with adjacent agencies under mutual and auto-aid agreements.  Focus assignments are divided amongst each fire station:

FS1: Ocean Rescue / Public Education

FS2: Ocean Rescue / Fire Boat

FS3: Department Staffing / State mutual aid through the Office of Emergency Services

FS4: Area mutual aid providing water tender services

FS5: Ocean Rescue / Urban Search and Rescue / Truck Operations and Training

FS6: Hazardous Materials Response

Although enhanced technology dispatches the closest available emergency response company to a given incident, each fire station hosts its unique call types and volumes.  Listed here by call volume. 

FS3:  Clearly the busiest in the city, serving the elder population, the county government center and the hillsides.

FS2:  Serves the dense midtown area, the beaches, the harbor and its hillsides.

FS1:  Serves Downtown and Avenue communities and the Ventura River bottom

FS5:  Serves primarily the central areas of town, responding to industrial, retail areas and neighboring communities in addition to providing truck operations citywide 

FS4:  Serves a large population of residential neighborhoods

FS6:  Serving the far east end of town, including the Saticoy community, adjacent county areas and the Santa Clara River bottom

Ventura City Firefighters are committed to the highest level of services to their community facing the area’s unique challenges, the Santa Clara River to the south, Ventura River to the north, the oceanfront areas and Ventura Harbor, the urban-wildland interface areas of its hillsides, the separation of neighborhoods and response routes by the 101 and 126 freeways and the railroad.