Academy Blog Series - Battalion 42

WEEK 1 - Orientation

Cadets arrived at 0615, August 18th, 2014.  Their first morning inspection was to be conducted at 0800 in the academy classroom.  Referencing a 'required items' checklist, the group worked together to ensure their first impression was uniform and orderly.  As the academy staff entered the room, they examined each cadet's area intently and found a job well done.  Battalion 42 had just completed their first assignment successfully.

Chief Warner addressed the group prompting each member to offer a few words about themselves, a comfortable ice breaker.  She offered words of encouragement and academy expectation.

Lockers and storage slots were issued. Once their item inventory checklist was complete, cadets moved and organized their materials to assigned areas.  By mid-afternoon of the first day, the Battalion had been arranged by company, sized and issued personal protective clothing, shown how to place this clothing in formation, experienced their first uniform inspection and instructed on the sequential steps to don their newly issued gear.

An introduction to an academy workout followed donning.  The cadets were shown how to set up for tower circuit training,  The complete circuit consists of a 5-story stair climb by company while wearing a breathing apparatus, a tire drag, pull-ups, a tire flip, a hose drag and lunges.  Companies rotated through all stations for a single round, rehabed and then repeated the circuit.  Day one ended with apparatus maintenance and exposure to two engines, an ambulance and a utility vehicle.

As the week progressed, cadets were shown how then directed to pay sharp attention to detail.  Instructions regarding addressing staff, moving about academy grounds, preparing uniforms, marching, donning, staging and running in formation, responding to orders and representing themselves professionally offered a clear view of the structured environment they are now a member of.

The Battalion has bonded quickly and is working together efficiently.  Leaders have been appointed and others elected.  Battalion Officer Minicucci, Company 'A' Officer Barassi, Company 'B' Officer Galbraith, Company 'C' Officer Giovinazzo and Company 'D' Officer Whitby were appointed by staff.  Battalion President Whitby, Treasurer/Secretary Kurowski and Fundraising Events Coordinator Powell were elected by cadets.  Congratulations to these early standouts.

"First to Arrive, Train to Survive" was proudly voted as the class motto.  Very well-suited as mastering the knowledge and basic skills set for entry level firefighters is every bit a part of "Train to Survive".  Their motto will realize as this academy progresses.  

Great job on your energetic start Battalion 42!

Captain Crudo