Academy Blog; Battalion 50; Wk7; Monday, October 1; Wildland Intro

Written by Cadet Rocha,

OCRFA, Battalion 50, Alpha Company, Squad 1, s4



Our day began different then what we had been used to in the opening month and a

half of the academy. At 0700 we began our day inside the classroom with our uniforms on and

Pre-course work we had over the weekend. This included IS-100C, IS-700, S-110, and a skill

sheet. After turning in our certifications we were briefed about our eight day plan and what

would be the plan for us during our wildland training. We then made our way outside to the

bunkers to grab our web gear and other wildland equipment. We practiced donning our

wildland clothes correctly, and got a taste of how fast we needed to be able to don.

With three stations and four companies we needed to split up the Alpha company

among the three remaining companies. One of the drills was a simple hoselay in the

duck pond with Captain Herrick. We would pull out the two one hundred foot sections of inch

and a half hose and practice advancing it through the duck pond. Practicing making an anchor

point and correctly making a wet line for protection. The next drill consisted of rolling and

retrieving hose, as well as building brush packs. This drill was ran by FireFighter Goldie who

showed us different ways to retrieve hose and roll hose for our brush packs. When each

company got through two drills it was time for lunch.

The third drill was an S-190 review with Captain Crudo, where we talked about the

different fuels, terrains and weather encountered during wildland fire. Each drill

lasted one hour and twenty minutes. With the completion of the three drills the battalion met

at staging then walked to bunker row to retrieve packs and prep for our Mock Pack Test. The

Mock Pack test consisted of a 45 minute walk with a brush pack weighing approximately 45

pounds. Walking through ladder land to the dirt lot is were the test took place. As we began

Cadet Segovia took off, showing his amazing walking speed and determination to destroy the

task put in front of him. This definitely influenced others to walk at a faster pace and push

themselves. After the test concluded we made our way over to the duck pond where Cadet

Malloy and Cadet Sandifer gave us a demonstration of a progressive hose lay. With the

Guidance of Captain Herrick and FF Goldie the cadets were able to see how the progressive

hoselay was done. Back in the class to finish the day, we started our exam which included two

chapters from our earlier studies with an unstructured release.