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Written by Cadet Chavez; Bravo Company, Squad 3, s3

On Tuesday, around 0415 on 101 Freeway in Camarillo, a semi-truck overturned resulting in freeway closure. This affected the arrival time of some of the cadets driving in from the east. Cadets arriving at 0630 grabbed their PPE’s and set them at staging in proper formation.  WOD (workout of the day) began at 0700. 

Soon after finishing we met back at staging and donned our structure coat/pant and PPE’s for time.  We were reminded to don our clothes for time whenever possible to prepare testing in November.  “3….2...1..GO”, our battalion leader said.  Each cadet frantically taking their athletic shoes off and remembering the proper sequence of which article of clothing to put on next, hood, pants, coat… buttons…. middle button.  Soon after our quick drill, we doffed our gear and were briefed by our company officers of our drill set up assignments.

Today, Bravo Company has Rehab (water refill), cones, App bay floors. Charlie was responsible for supply hose on all engines and to bed all the crosslays. Delta was to set up the ladders in Ladderland and Alpha had Area 4 supply/crosslay lines. We were briefed on the day's drills, then sent to hygiene and to grab a quick snack. Today would be the last review day before our finals in several drills including Extend/Replace Burst Lines and Hydrant Forward Hose lay along with Ladder Placements, which we would be tested on Thursday,  and Buildling Construction for our live burning training.

At 0900 Bravo Company was up first in the Extend and Replace Burst Lines. In replacing  a line the cadet was to pull 100 feet of pre-connect hose, ensure 50 feet was flaked at the objective, call for water, bleed the air through nozzle and advance the line. The second stick of hose or 50 foot hose would then “burst” the cadet is to run back to the engine grab a hose clamp and pull an additional 100 feet of hose to the nozzle. An extra stick of hose is pulled to avoid running in the middle of making the repair.  The cadet clamps off the hose, replaces the burst line, releases the clamp, charges and advances the line. The Extending Lines drill was similar, instead of pulling 100 feet of hose you shoulder loaded 50 feet, clamped at the nozzle, removed it to add the additional hose, the recouple the nozzle and advance the line.

At 1040 Bravo Company moved to a Forward Lay.  We reviewed the hydrant member's task of laying a line.  This consisted of retrieving a hydrant wrench and a 3 inch supply line, pulling the hose and wrapping around a hydrant then securing the hose by stepping on it and telling the engineer to “Take off!”.  Once  two couplings hit the ground or the air brakes are heard the hose was attached to the hydrant. The hydrant was flushed to remove any possible debris in the inlet, then the hose was attached, coupling tightened and hose was dressed as the cadet waited for the call for “Water!” before opening the hydrant.

Lunch was at noon.  At 1245, Bravo met in the breezeway, quickly moved to staging to don our structure clothing and SCBA and headed to Ladderland early to be prepared to throw ladders. Although each cadet was full of lunch we were able to confidently throw our ladders with precision and excellence.

At 1440, we moved to the apparatus bay to continue the construction the out buildings we will be burning during our live fire drills at a later date. At 1600 we began station breakdown, then met in the academy classroom 104 for a 1640 briefing.  We were released at 1700 to go home and rest up for our first skills final.