Academy Blog; Battalion 50, Wk4; Thursday, Hose/Ladders/Tools Aloft

9/13 Hose, Ladders, Tools Aloft

Written by Cadet Burke

We started off our day staging our gear bright and early at 0630 hours. Boots, trousers, coats and SCBA’s lined up and looking prestige as we awaited for PT (physical training) to begin. Our PT that day consisted of a circuit and mile run. Once we finished we split into our companies and began setting up the four stations for the day. The stations were forward hose lay, reverse hose lay, tools aloft, and ladders. After quickly preparing the stations we went to hygiene and grabbed a quick snack to keep us going throughout the first part of our day.

At 0900 hours we began our first two rotations. Since it was our second day doing forward and reverse hose lays we became much quicker and got through more repetitions than the day before. We really started to understand the different jobs of each member on the engine and how to properly execute our mission of getting water to the fire. Upon completing our first two rotations it was time for lunch. All companies reported back to staging and awaited to be dismissed. Our lunch began at 1200 hours and at 1300 hours we were back to our stations eager to learn what our new station had in store for us. Tools aloft consisted on tying a variety of different knots onto tools and hoisting them up a building. The four main knots we used to hoist the tools were a clove hitch, half hitch, inline bowline, and a figure eight on a bight. We were taught how and where to tie these knots on chainsaws, rubbish hooks, pike poles, axes, ladders, charged hose lines and uncharged hose lines. Over at ladder land there were 24-foot extension ladders and 14-foot roof ladders waiting for our arrival. We practiced where to place the ladder when performing different functions such as roof access, ventilation, and rescue. After we got more comfortable with the placement of the ladders we had a TOC (tournament of champions) where everyone goes head to head to see who can correctly throw a ladder the quickest and most effectively.

 As soon as we knew it the day had come to an end when the companies were notified to clean their stations and report back to staging. Tools were put away, hose was loaded onto the beds of the engines, and PPE (personal protective equipment) was placed away in the bunkers. We completed our day with a brief over view on how the stations went and what was to come the following week. Our Battalion officer dismissed us and we were on our way to enjoy our weekend.

Burke, Delta 1