Los Padres National Forest Volunteer Ranger or Seasonal Firefighter

Volunteer Wilderness Rangers (VWR)
Provide a number of critical volunteer activities in the back country areas of Los Padres National Forest.  Their duties involve trail maintenance, wilderness patrol, structural repair to historic buildings and equipment and public interaction.  They work closely with the Ranger District on a seasonal basis while attending training related to wilderness values, practical interactive skills workshops and public communications.

Seasonal Firefighters
Forestry Aid or Forestry Technician firefighting personnel who provide wildfire suppression practices in the Los Padres National Forest.  Typical firefighting work can involve hiking in steep mountainous terrain in high temperatures carrying a significant amount of equipment.  Wildfire suppression is physically demanding work, as firefighters are tasked with constant stooping and bending while using hand tools to construct fire line, during a fire season.


  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must be a U.S. citizen with valid identification
  • Actively be involved in a physical strengthening program for successful completion of the Work Capacity Test


  • Monitor the U.S. Forest Service Employment page listed below
    Create and update your profile at usajobs.gov
  • Submit an online application for the desired position
    Successfully pass the application Human Resources screening process
  • Successfully complete a Work Capacity Test
    Hiking 3 miles within 45 minutes, while carrying a 45 pound pack


U.S. Forest Service Employment page
Example of an Extended Outreach Notice

For Wildland Firefighter Positions, go to
Type in Forestry Aid Firefighter in the search box

Volunteer Wilderness Rangers
Jasonn Beckstrand (805) 284-1624
Email: jasonnb@lpforest.org